Your ultimate holiday skincare guide

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Holidays can wreak havoc with your skin due to a dramatic change in lifestyle factors. Before you go anywhere, prepare your skin to travel! 

Holidays can wreak havoc with your skin due to a dramatic change in lifestyle factors like late nights, sunshine, increased alcohol consumption, changes in diet, and flying. 

This guide gives you the lowdown on holiday skincare so your skin gets a holiday too! 

Perfectly prep your skin

Before you go anywhere, prepare your skin to travel. Before boarding a plane, make sure your face has been thoroughly cleansed before applying a moisturiser and sunscreen. We recommend a good hyaluronic serum for in-flight hydration as you need it.

About a month before, incorporate an acid toner into your routine to remove dead skin cells and give your skin breathing space. Clean, unclogged skin is healthier and better able to protect itself against environmental damage. 

Include vitamin c

Vitamin C is the ultimate holiday serum because it promotes natural radiance and will not make your skin more vulnerable to sunburn. You might consider swapping out your retinol for a decent vitamin c serum during holiday season as it deals with hyper pigmentation and gives added protection against UV rays. 

Cleanse properly

Double check your cleansing routine and make sure you’re using products that are rich in hydrating ingredients. Steer clear of foaming cleansers  because they strip away natural moisture, leaving skin feeling dry and tight. Instead, opt for a natural cleanser  containing ingredients that will nourish and hydrate skin as it cleanses.

Layer up hydration

You cannot get enough hydration on holidays, but what you don’t want is pilling or heavy occlusive creams that feel greasy and thick.

What you do want is layers of moisture, and what we mean by that is every step of your routine should include hydrating benefits, starting with your cleanser. Incorporate a humectant serum like hyaluronic acid, and use a facial spritz immediately after cleansing and throughout the day. Choose ingredients like squalane, peptides, hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts, and magnesium to calm, soothe, soften, and hydrate your skin as you layer up products in your routine.

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And of course, spf

It goes without saying that every skincare routine (whether on holidays or not) should end with an effective SPF. When on holidays, it’s particularly important to reapply as you need it, so your skin stays protected at all times. 

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