3 Essential Daily Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

Effective daily care is essential in managing dry and sensitive skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. With these 3 daily care tips, you’ll be able to maintain skin health and hydration and give your skin its best chance at being irritation and itch-free. 

Eczema and psoriasis are common skin conditions that present with varying degrees of severity. While they are different in nature, with eczema causing red, itchy, and dry skin, and psoriasis causing distinct red, scaly, and well-defined patches, both complaints have one thing in common: There is no simple cure.

Because they are caused by a combination of immune system activation, genetics, environmental triggers and stress, it is often difficult to get to the root cause of these conditions. Which is why daily management with topical skincare products is crucial. 

Worldwide, 20% of children and 3% of adults have some form of eczema

Managing eczema and psoriasis in families can be difficult, not least because it’s difficult to stop children from scratching, and children often fuss over heavy creams and bath time skincare rituals. But a consistent daily routine is essential in managing these uncomfortable skin complaints in families. With effective daily care, you’ll be able to maintain skin health and hydration, and give skin its best chance at being irritation and itch-free.

Daily care tip 1 – seek out nourishing ingredients and be gentle

Healthy skin is a healthy balance of oil and water. Dry, itchy, or flaky skin needs gentle care and nourishing  ingredients on a consistent basis to nurse it back to health.  Avoid heavy, oily creams that leave skin feeling greasy and instead opt for formulations that are lightweight, soft, and absorbent. Your daily  skincare routine should be something you look forward to, even if you suffer with eczema. 

Our Essentials range offers a powerful combination of hydration, anti-inflammatory benefits, and skin barrier support to help soothe and calm itchy, irritated skin. For a daily skin care experience that irritated skin will enjoy, look for soothing natural ingredients like shea butter (intensely hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory), niacinamide (healing, soothing and smoothing), and squalane  (softening, transporting, and super-absorbent.) 

Daily care tip 2 – choose the right body wash

Anyone with eczema knows that the wrong soap, bodywash, or cleanser can intensify symptoms. The wrong cleaning product can dry out and irritate skin, but at the  same time, it’s important  that  your skin is cleaned properly. Proper cleaning minimises the risk of infection and ensures that you get optimal benefit from creams and lotions that are applied after showering. When choosing a body wash or soap, you  need one that will thoroughly cleanse your skin without drying it or causing irritation.

Here’s what you should look for when choosing skin-cleaning products:

  • Avoid harsh ingredients : Anything that makes your skin feel tight or dry should  be avoided. Non-foaming body washes are normally a better choice because they don’t contain chemical foaming agents like SLS.
  • Third-party endorsement : Look for products that have been clinically tested, approved by dermatologists, and in the case of families, paediatrician-approved.
  • Fragrance free :  Fragrance can be an allergen which can set-off symptoms of dry skin conditions. Look for cleansers that are fragrance-free.  


Occlusive skincare ingredients seal off the skin from air, water, or anything else getting in or out. While, hydrating skincare ingredients literally add moisture to the skin so that it becomes more elastic and more supple. Tightness, flakiness, and dry patches clear and skin feels soft and smooth.

For sufferers of eczema and psoriasis, the goal of daily care is to consistently improve skin health. This is why hydration is key, because there is no skin health without adequate hydration. 

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