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Menopausal Skincare Heroes

The onset of menopause is a critical time for your skin, and so it’s good to make sure you’re well-equipped to serve your changing skin needs in the best way possible.

How to choose sustainable skincare gifts

Packaging at Christmas time is almost as plentiful as food. To avoid waste and keep your carbon footprint down, here are some tips around choosing sustainable skincare gifts this holiday season.

The Spot Dots: Teen skin’s secret weapon against breakouts and blemishes

Just when you want to put your best foot forward, spots can pop up, literally throwing a downer on your plans. But what if there was a simple solution that could help?

The 4 skincare products you need for Autumn

The onset of Autumn is a great time to introduce super-hydrating and targeted ingredients into your routine so that your skin takes changes in its stride and is better prepared for Winter.

Trending now and forever: Pure Hyaluronic Serum

For ultimate hydration and skin that glows like glass, layering Pure Hyaluronic Serum is destined to trend forever.

2 years in the making but worth it : Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum

Whenever an amazing active ingredient bursts onto the skincare scene, the first question people ask is: will it irritate my skin? But our Vitamin C doesn't! 2 years in the making but worth it!

Get the Hyaluronic Acid advantage with Glow Drops

Unlock the door to a perfect balance between tanning and skincare. How? By harnessing the hydrating superpowers of Hyaluronic Acid.

Get Glowing: The Ultimate Guide to Pestle & Mortar Glow Drops

Alcohol-free and enriched with hyaluronic acid, Glow Drops give you a sun-kissed glow without drying your skin. Perfect for days when you want to go makeup free or create a natural no-makeup makeup look.

Is The Facial Cleanser perfect for you? Let’s find out

The Facial Cleanser and The Face Cream from our Essentials range are the perfect duo to establish a simple yet comprehensive skincare routine for sensitive skin.

Solving the cleansing challenge for sensitive skin

The Facial Cleanser was specially designed to solve the cleansing challenge for sensitive, reactive, congested, and uncomfortably dry skin.

Glycerin: the unsung hydration hero for sensitive skin

Glycerin's exceptional hydrating properties help combat dryness, alleviate tightness, and reduce inflammation. The Facial Cleanser takes cleansing to the next level with its glycerin-enriched formula.

The Facial Cleanser: a kind yet powerful sensitive skin saviour

Everyone deserves a skincare routine that is effective, gentle, and tailored to their specific needs, which is why we made The Facial Cleanser. In this post, you’ll learn why it is the cleanser your sensitive skin has been searching for.

Created to solve sensitive skin woes: The Face Cream

Specially designed for sensitive skin, The Face Cream is a game-changer for reactive skin that needs extra care. Find out why.

Niacinamide: The game-changing ingredient for sensitive skin

Experience the transformative benefits of Niacinamide enriched Face Cream, a daily face cream for sensitive, reactive, inflamed, itchy, or irritated skin on the face.

Zoe's Psoriasis Story (and why she's never going back)

Discover Zoe she ultimately found relief with Essentials face, hand, and body products and achieved the soft and hydrated skin she always thought was unattainable.

What's your Sensitive Skin Concern and can Essentials Body Duo help? 

When it comes to inflamed and sensitive skin, it’s crucial to take steps to rebuild the skin barrier. Find out whether the Essentials Body Duo will help tackle your specific sensitive skin goals.

Andrea’s sensitive skin story: “I was very, very sceptical, but….

Andrea struggled for years to find a skincare routine that could effectively soothe and calm her reactive skin. But everything changed when she discovered Essentials.

The Face Cream for sensitive, troubled skin

Whether you're dealing with sensitive skin, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, acne and breakouts, or oily, tight skin, The Face Cream has you covered. Here’s why...

A story for sensitive skin: the creation of Essentials

What led to the creation of a range of skincare products that is safe and clinically proven to relieve sensitive and itchy skin conditions like dry skin, atopic eczema, and psoriasis?

How to rescue sensitive, itchy, irritated skin on your face

From identifying and avoiding harsh ingredients that irritate your skin, to incorporating products that contain hydrating, calming, and anti-inflammatory ingredients into your daily routine, here's how to soothe and heal your skin.

Managing Eczema: Science-backed Solutions for Daily Care

Treating inflammatory conditions doesn’t stop at hydration. Sensitised skin doesn’t like vigorous rubbing and is often crying out for soft, absorbent, soothing care that gives immediate relief on application.

Get Relief from Itchy Skin with these 3 Soothing Ingredients

Effective daily care is essential in managing dry and sensitive skin. With the right ingredients, you’ll give your inflamed and irritated skin, the soothing relief and build the skin barrier.

3 Essential Daily Care Tips for Sensitive Skin

Effective daily care is essential in managing dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Give your skin its best chance at being irritation and itch-free, while maintaining hydration and skin health.

From Prototype to Perfection: A New Generation Vitamin C

16 prototypes later and worth every second of the 24 months spent working on it, Vitamin C 2 Phase Serum combines 16% Vitamin C with nutrient rich natural extracts so the skin gets maximum benefits without irritation.

Story of a Superstar: The Gentle Retinol with Powerful Benefits

Since its initial launch in 2017, Superstar retinoid night oil has been a consistent winner of multiple beauty awards, continuously topping our bestsellers list year-round. But what makes it SUPER?

The Power of Retinol: How Superstar Transforms Skin

Retinol in skincare is known for it’s transformative effect on skin – reducing fine lines and wrinkles, refining skin texture. But what’s the catch?

The Viral Skin Cycling Trend: A Beginner’s Guide

The hashtag #skincycling has over 250 million views on TikTok, and unlike most other fads, dermatologists actually approve – but what exactly is it?

Maximise your Glow with Vitamin C & Retinol

Vitamin C and Retinol are two skincare ingredients proven to help you achieve glowing, healthy-looking skin, while dramatically improving the look of dark spots and uneven texture.

From Fine Lines to Hyperpigmentation: How Vitamin C and Retinol Help

Two of the most effective ingredients for achieving a brighter, smoother, and more even complexion are topical vitamin C and retinol. In this blog post, we'll explore how these skincare superstars work.

The only 4 things you need to know about Hyaluronic Acid

What is hyaluronic acid and how do you find the best hyaluronic product for your skin? There are four things that you need to know..

Hyaluronic Acid 101 : Everything You Need to Know

Skincare ingredients come and go but few last the pace like hyaluronic acid. As more and more people seek out ingredients that truly perform, this hero hydrator has retained an obsessive following.

The truth about makeup removing wipes

Makeup wipes might be convenient, but they are not your friend if you want to build a skincare routine that works.

Double Cleansing: The Holy Grail of Every Great Skincare Routine

Double cleansing has proven itself to be the cornerstone of any decent skincare routine. Not only does it work to clean skin properly, but it makes other products work better too.

5 ways to hydrate your dry winter skin

Winter weather dries out our skin and it craves balance and nourishment. Thankfully a simple review of your daily skincare routine can work wonders.

The difference between Hydrate and Essentials Face Cream

Hydrate is a lightweight moisturiser that contains powerful active ingredients to specifically treat ageing skin concerns. In contrast, The Face Cream specifically deals with sensitive skin and relieves dry and itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

Skinimalism: Get started with a simple skincare routine that works

Skinimalism is a less-is-more skincare ethos that says: give your skin what it needs to be its healthiest self. No more. No less.

What to expect when you first use Clarify, our new salicylic acid toner

If you're using a salicylic acid toner for the first time, you'll go through some initial skin reactions before it shows you results. It will help loosen up dead skin that clog pores, resulting in a smoother complexion for your problem skin!

The Skincare Gifts on Every Wishlist 2022

THIS YEAR, WE’VE MADE GIFTING SIMPLE FOR YOU. Christmas 2022 gifting includes luxury body care from our Nimbu collection, effective daily skincare from our main product range, and sensitive skin gift sets from the Essentials Range.

Pestle & Mortar founder Sonia Deasy reveals her simple skincare routine.

As a mum-of-five, I’m all about speed and convenience in the mornings. I don’t like wearing much makeup  – I’ve nothing against makeup, but I’m lazy about it – so I’m always striving to get my natural skin looking and feeling it’s best so I can go without!

Healthy skin doesn't stop at the face: build a routine for your body

It’s time to show the skin on your body some true love. Here are some tips to create the standard of routine the skin on your body deserves.

Menopause and your skin

During and pre menopause, among other changes you might experience, one is that your skin can become more sensitive. Read up about the key things to consider changing or upgrading in your skincare routine.

Decoding acids in skincare

New generation acid toners are amazing for skin health. Use our simple guide to acids in skincare to find out which acid toner is right for you.

Vitamin C Serum can cause irritation. Here's why ours doesn't.

Whenever an amazing active ingredient bursts onto the skincare scene, the first question people ask is: will it irritate my skin? But our Vitamin C doesn't! 2 years in the making but worth it!

7 Skincare mistakes to avoid when travelling

When travelling, your skin is exposed to new conditions and new stresses. Here are the biggest skincare mistakes that cause breakouts and add extra stress when you're on the road.

Your ultimate holiday skincare guide

Holidays can wreak havoc with your skin due to a dramatic change in lifestyle factors. Before you go anywhere, prepare your skin to travel!

The 5 most dangerous Eczema myths debunked

Even though eczema is very common, there’s an awful lot of misinformation surrounding it. In this post, we debunk 5 common eczema myths for once and for all!

The pro-ageing ingredient you need in your face moisturiser

There’s one magic pro-ageing ingredient that your daily moisturising routine should include – and that’s peptides.

The ultimate skincare plan for brides-to-be

Your pre-wedding beauty regime is the perfect opportunity to revamp your skincare routine, make some intentional lifestyle choices, and indulge in a little bit of self-care...

5 Oily skin myths debunked

If you suffer with an oily complexion, you’ll have heard plenty of old wive’s tales... Most big shiny skin myths seem believable – until you dig a little deeper.

Retinol: How to prevent dry and flaky side effects

If your skin is sensitive, retinol can cause dry and flaky side effects. Here's how you can enjoy all the benefits of retinol without the irritation.

When and why to start using an eye cream

The question is, why should you include an eye cream in your skincare routine and what age is the right age to start?

Make Mum feel special with skincare

A pampering skincare gift set is surely the ultimate way to thank Mum and make her feel special.

Why this best selling kit is the perfect AM routine

Here’s what you want from your basic morning routine: It should be simple, it should be effective, it should be easy to perform.

5 Ingredients that work best for combination skin

The secret to rebalancing combination skin is to feed it with the right ingredients.

The skin-mind connection: how stress affects skin health

Have you ever noticed how you break-out more when you’re stressed? There’s a reason – here’s what happens to skin when we are stressed.

5 amazing skin benefits of body scrubs and body butters

Including a great body scrub and body butter into your skincare routine feels amazing, but what does this duo actually do for your skin?

Ceramides are the secret ingredient to getting healthy skin

Dermatologists and skincare experts swear by ceramides for healthy, hydrated skin, particularly as we age. Here’s why.

Self care science: Why moisturising feels so good

When you deliver nourishing moisture to the dermis, it responds by looking and feeling bouncy, hydrated and supple. In short, it feels great.

Level up your self care: With a body care ritual that makes you feel good

Find out how you can level up your definition of self care with Nimbu, our luxurious body care ritual that fuses skincare with wellbeing.

Build the perfect routine for your skin concerns

We unpack the fundamental elements that power each Pestle & Mortar skincare routine for your particular concerns.

3 Skincare basics to build a routine that works

Building a skincare routine that works can feel overwhelming, especially in a market that’s flooded with choice and information.

Serums and oils in skincare explained

Targeted treatment products make a huge difference to overall skin health and appearance, so it’s worth investing in them to boost your routine.

Your post-Christmas Sustainable Recycling Guide

Living a clean and sustainable beauty life is essential for the health of our planet. After all, there is absolutely no point in looking beautiful, if we end up with nowhere to live!

Let's talk topical treatments

Here are a few ways that you can use your daily Pestle & Mortar products to make a topical treatment at home.

We answered the 10 most asked questions about facial tanning

We recently asked our community to hit us up with everything they needed to know about face tanning with tanning drops. Here are the 10 questions

How to prep your skin for perfect face tanning

A streak-free, natural tan on your face is the ultimate feel-good factor, especially in the Winter months. But the standard of your face tan depends on the standard of your prep...

Introducing the Nimbu Body Ritual

The Nimbu Body Ritual, is a luxury body care ritual to cleanse and hydrate skin. Infused with a fresh citrus scent, the Nimbu ritual will improve mood and promote calm so that you start every day feeling uplifted and refreshed. 

What does pH balance mean for skin?

So you know that skin pH is important, but you’re not entirely sure why or what you should be doing about it. Lots of hero ingredients depend on pH to work their magic, and the pH of your skin is a key indicator of skin health.  

Your skincare routine: The correct order to apply products

A skincare routine consists of the steps you take and the products you use to care for your skin every day. The goal of an effective skincare routine is to consistently deliver the right ingredients to your skin so that you’re always maintaining and improving the health of your skin.

The gift edit

Most people love getting skincare as a gift because it feels like such a treat. Plus, it’s practical – everyone has to moisturise, right? Read on to discover our pick of skincare gifts that will delight every skincare junkie on your list.

A perfect skincare gift

Is there any such a thing as the perfect skincare gift? Skincare is such a wonderful gift to give but knowing what to choose can be a problem. Find out the golden rule for gifting skincare here.

Exfoliating acids in skincare explained

Acids work on the skin in two ways, depending on the type: they break down the bonds between dead skin cells to slough them away and reveal a brighter, fresher complexion, or they penetrate deep into the pores to clear build-up and prevent breakouts.

How, when and why use a face mist?

Face mists have been around for a while now, and depending on who you ask, they’ll either swear by them, or consider them a superfluous, gimmicky product that lies on the outskirts of a basic skincare routine.

When and why is double cleansing necessary?

Double cleansing has proven itself to be the cornerstone of any decent skincare routine. Not only does it work to clean skin properly, but it makes other products work better too.

A beginner's guide to retinol

Retinol, or Vitamin A, is a skincare ingredient that dermatologists and skincare specialists have touted as a best-in-class anti-ageing ingredient. But for new users, it can be confusing.

How to rescue dry skin?

As well as feeling tight and uncomfortable, dry skin has physical manifestations that are not desirable – flakiness, rough patches, and accentuated fine lines and wrinkles. In this guide, you’ll learn how to rescue it.

3 tips for daily care for baby skin

Caring for your baby's skin should be simple and should work. By using the right skincare products and following these 3 tips, you can look forward to smooth, soft, baby skin and happier bathtimes.

Superstar gets an eco-friendly packaging makeover

Superstar took some time out to get an eco-friendly packaging facelift. We didn’t change the product formulation, we just made it more sustainable.

How to get glowing skin

In this post, we explain what characterises glowing skin and give you actionable skincare advice to achieve it.

The Empties Bag

The Empties Bag, a beauty laundry system to help you dispose of your beauty product containers so that as little as possible ends up in landfill.

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