Solving the cleansing challenge for sensitive skin

“The Facial Cleanser sits alongside The Face Cream in our Essentials range to give people with sensitive skin, dry skin, itchy skin, or excess oiliness a safe and simple face care routine.”

Behind the creation of Pestle & Mortar’s Essentials Range is a mission to address the unique needs of sensitive skin. The Facial Cleanser was specially designed to solve the cleansing challenge for sensitive, reactive, congested, and uncomfortably dry skin.  Drawing inspiration from our brand heritage and values, we embarked on a journey to develop a cleanser that would provide a soothing and transformative experience for those with sensitive and reactive skin on the face.

Sensitive skin on the face can present a myriad of challenges, often leaving people with a feeling of dryness, tightness, and discomfort. Many conventional cleansers aggravate these concerns, further compromising the skin’s delicate barrier. With a deep understanding of the stress and frustration that accompanies conditions like eczema and dry skin, we set out to create a thoughtfully formulated solution that would bring comfort, hydration, and relief to sensitive, itchy, and inflamed skin, while simultaneously restoring and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier.

The Facial Cleanser is a highly-anticipated addition to our Essentials range. Paired with Essentials, The Face Cream, it gives people with sensitive skin, dry skin, itchy skin, or congestion a safe and simple two-step routine to nurture their skin back to health. It’s perfect for all ages, from teen through adult.  

“The Facial Cleanser sits alongside The Face Cream in our Essentials range to give people with sensitive skin, dry skin, itchy skin, or excess oiliness a safe and simple face care routine.”
– Sonia Deasy

With a commitment to simplicity and efficacy, The Facial Cleanser embodies our belief that less is more when it comes to caring for sensitive skin. By carefully selecting gentle and nourishing ingredients, we’ve created a cleanser that supports the skin’s natural defenses and promotes a healthier, more resilient complexion. The key lies in maintaining a simple, yet effective skincare routine that allows the skin to thrive.

Reactive skin craves balance, whether it manifests as excess oiliness, inflammation, roughness, or itchiness. The Facial Cleanser harnesses the power of skin-healing ingredients that work together to strengthen the skin barrier and restore its natural balance. Impurities are effortlessly removed, while the skin is left feeling soft and moisturised, thanks to 99% natural ingredients that condition and soften skin. 

Trusted by dermatologists

The Facial Cleanser is dermatologist-approved, so you can trust that what you are putting on your skin is free from skin irritants, fragrance, and any ingredient that might cause adverse reaction.

Derived from plant-based sources, glycerin works alongside a skin-conditioning triglyceride to provide a gentle yet powerful cleansing experience for reactive skin. The Facial Cleanser is entirely non-comedogenic – ideal for sensitive skin, congested skin, and dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin. Its soothing properties help alleviate irritation and redness, and its compatibility with all skin types ensures sensitive skin remains balanced, moisturised, and comfortable with every use. This is the perfect daily cleanser for teenage skin, sensitive skin, and anyone prone to dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Kind for skin, kind to planet

As a brand dedicated to sustainability, we have integrated eco-consciousness into the design of The Facial Cleanser. Formulated with 99% plant-extracted ingredients, the formula is packaged in a 100% recyclable tube, with no outer packaging. Every component can be disposed of in general recycling, including the lid, aligning with our mission to minimise environmental impact and promote a planet-loving approach to skincare.

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