Your 4-Step Pestle & Mortar Skin Flooding Routine

4 steps

Although it might seem like the latest in a long list of skincare trends, skin flooding is a philosophy we’ve always embraced at Pestle & Mortar – and now Tik Tok has kindly given it a name! This time-tested method of layered hydration has been a cornerstone of our skincare advice since the start. In this blog post, we guide you step-by-step on how to master your skin flooding routine using your Pestle & Mortar favourites. 

Skin flooding is a strategic layering technique that maximises skin hydration, effectively addressing dryness, signs of ageing, and reviving dull skin to leave you with a radiant, youthful glow.

Choosing products with the right ingredients is critical for skin flooding. Each plays a unique role in nurturing your skin and building the skin barrier so that it retains maximum moisture. Here are some key ingredients to look for:


Include healing natural oils like grape, pumpkin, and prickly pear seed in your cleansing routine. Packed with antioxidants, they protect and repair skin without clogging pores.

Maintains healthy fatty acid levels by regulating sebum production, an oil that helps hydrate your skin. Without fatty acids, skin dries out faster and wrinkles start to appear early.

Locks moisture into various skin layers, ensuring deep hydration and a plump, smooth surface.

A hydration hero that mimics the skin’s natural oils, squalane provides intense moisture and improves skin texture.

Peptides are small proteins that penetrate the skin to moisturise it and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

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Begin with our Erase balm cleanser, a luxurious blend of natural oils that removes all traces of makeup and spf while enveloping your skin in moisture, leaving it soft, supple, and hydrated. 

Next, a spritz of magnesium-enriched Balance facial spritz brings your skin back to its natural equilibrium. Magnesium’s magic improves skin barrier function, minimising water loss and setting a calm, receptive canvas for the next layer.

Enter the star player: Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum. This multi-award-winning elixir uses varying molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the skin’s dermal layers  to ensure 24/7 hydration benefits.

Lock everything in with Hydrate lightweight moisturiser. Fortified with tri- and tetra-peptide technology, vegan squalane, and natural extracts, it softens skin and creates a barrier that locks in all the goodness you’ve layered.

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