How to choose sustainable skincare gifts

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If you are shopping for a beauty gift, it’s quite likely that whoever you’re buying for prioritizes clean beauty and a sustainable beauty life. The last thing you want to do is give them a gift that doesn’t align with their values. 

Picking the perfect present shouldn’t be so difficult but sometimes you’re faced with deciphering confusing labels and navigating vague messaging. Here are some tips around choosing sustainable skincare gifts so that you can be sure the skincare lover in your life will be happy with your choice. 

Choose clean + conscious beauty brands

Sustainability is the act of protecting our planet while living our lives and consuming what we want and need. There’s a lot of information around sustainable practices and it can be very confusing for the consumer. That’s why you should choose beauty brands who have done the work for you. Brands that are making an intentional effort to reduce their carbon footprints, have a transparent sustainability statement on their website, keep customers up-to-date regarding their efforts, and own responsibility for each element of their supply chain. 

If you trust the brand, you’ll be assured that everything they do – from new launches through to gifting and promotions – is aligned with their mission to consistently become more sustainable. 

Look for packaging that’s mindful of the planet

Packaging at Christmas time is almost as plentiful as food. To avoid waste and keep your carbon footprint down, here’s what to look for: 

Plastic-free packaging. That means no unnecessary shrink wrap, no lamination on containers, and no bubble wrap.
• 100% recyclable paper.
• Repurposed shipping containers.
• Soy-based biodegradable ink on packaging.
• Containers that are recyclable so that as little as possible from your purchase ends up in landfill. 

Have a conscious christmas

Shopping for presents should be joyful, as should opening a stunning skincare gift at Christmas time. Look for brands that are clean – using only sustainably-sourced ingredients that do not cause harm to human health – and also vegan and cruelty-free with certifications to prove it. That way, you can have a conscious Christmas and a happy Christmas because you’ll have done your part in caring for the earth. 

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