New To Superstar? 4 Retinoid Tips Across 4 Generations

Retinoids, the powerhouse of anti-aging and skin-clearing treatments, can seem daunting to newcomers. Whether you’re aiming to smooth out fine lines, combat acne, or achieve a more radiant skin tone, embarking on your retinoid journey with a bit of age-specific knowledge can make all the difference!

For those in their 20s, the introduction of retinoids is often driven by a desire to prevent early signs of ageing and manage breakouts. Given the potential sensitivity of younger skin, the best approach is to start slow and steady.   Consider starting with one pump of Superstar retinoid night oil twice a week to allow the skin to adapt at its own pace. This way, you’ll lay down a solid foundation for future skin health.

Entering the 30s, many notice a change in their skin’s resilience and hydration levels, with the onset of fine lines and uneven skin tone. To avoid the dryness often associated with retinol use, a smart move is to layer a hyaluronic acid serum underneath your retinoid. This combo ensures your skin stays hydrated and reduces the likelihood of peeling. 

By the 40s, deeper wrinkles and signs of sun damage become the more prominent concerns. The key to addressing these issues with retinoids lies in consistent application. A routine that starts with applying a product like Superstar every other night can offer the balance between efficacy and tolerance. Increase usage to daily once your skin adapts, and consider a higher concentration retinoid product when you feel ready. Remember, heightened sensitivity to the sun means you need to apply high-factor SPF sunscreen every day without fail.

For those 50 and older, sensitivity to skin care products can increase, making it essential to tailor retinoid usage to the skin’s responses. The luxurious, soothing oil base of Superstar supports the skin barrier function, making it a preferred choice for mature skin. Adjusting the frequency of application based on personal tolerance allows for a customised approach, so you can reap the benefits of retinol without unnecessary irritation.

Listening to your skin is crucial when incorporating any new treatment into your routine. Superstar Retinoid Night Oil offers a gentle yet highly-effective option, but individual experiences vary – that’s the nature of skin. Paying attention to how your skin responds allows you to adjust usage—whether that means altering the frequency of application or combining it with other hydrating products—to ensure the best possible outcome for your skin. Formulated using two types of retinol in a base of cold-pressed, organic and steam distilled oils, Superstar is designed to deliver smoother, brighter, firmer skin, without causing irritation.


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