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3 tips for daily care for baby skin

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Caring for your baby’s skin should be simple and should work. By using the right skincare products and following these 3 tips, you can look forward to smooth, soft, baby skin and happier bathtimes.

3 Essential Tips to Care for Baby’s Skin

Baby skin is fragile. It is different to adult skin because it’s thinner and therefore more vulnerable to environmental changes like temperature and humidity. It’s also more sensitive to creams and lotions. It can be difficult to know how to care properly for your baby’s skin and what skin care products to choose, especially given the vast array of  skincare choices on the market.  

10 – 20% of infants suffer with eczema in their first year.

Baby skin is prone to allergies, infections, rashes, and sensitisation. In fact, as much as 20% of babies suffer with eczema, a condition which understandably makes both Mum and Baby irritable and anxious. But caring for your baby’s skin should be simple and should work. By using the right skincare products and following these 3 tips, you can look forward to smooth, soft, baby skin and happier bathtimes.

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Warm baths with no harsh ingredients

Excessive bathing can strip a baby’s skin of natural oils which exacerbates dry-skin conditions. Bathing 3-4 times per week in water that’s warm, not hot, is adequate. Use a soft towel after bathing and pat the skin gently, avoiding vigorous rubbing. Make sure to use a mild, gentle bath wash  with no harsh ingredients and preferably non-foaming. Whilst it’s tempting to use a scented wash, it’s best to choose fragrance-free products to prevent skin irritation. The Essentials Body Wash is mild and safe for sensitive skin, perfect for both you and your baby at bathtime.

Use Paediatrician-Approved skin creams

Adequate skin hydration is absolutely essential to maintain the health of your baby’s skin, and massage with a hydrating cream after washing is a great daily practice as well as being relaxing for both Baby and Parent.

There is a long list of skincare ingredients and additives that you should avoid using on a baby’s delicate skin. To be honest, most parents are busy enough already without having to trawl through confusing ingredient labels and research chemical nomenclature!

To that end, make your life easier by choosing creams that are dermatologist and paediatrician-approved. This means that you can rest assured that what you’re putting on your baby’s skin is kind, gentle, and safe. Pestle & Mortar’s Essentials Range is a collection of daily skin care products that are dermatologist, paediatrician, and midwife-approved. 

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Choose natural ingredients

After birth, your baby’s skin takes time to acclimatise to its new and ever-changing environment. It’s important to choose skincare that contains ingredients that are easily absorbed and recognised by the skin. Not all natural ingredients are safe, so make sure that your baby’s products are also clinically-tested and third-party approved. The Essentials Range is formulated with 99% natural ingredients and blended with plant oils (which unlike mineral oils, are easily recognised and absorbed by the skin).

• Suitable for all ages and skin types.
• Soft, lightweight and absorbent texture.
• Safe, clean and clinically-proven.
• Paediatrician and dermatologist approved.
• Leaves baby’s skin soft and healthy.

The skin is a baby’s first line of defence against the outside world. That’s why your baby’s skin deserves special attention and protection to keep it healthy. Taking care of your baby’s skin shouldn’t feel complicated. It should be a soothing ritual that parent and baby get to enjoy together every day.

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